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The Extras

The Extra Services you can Select

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Extra Service Descriptions



Inside Fridge: + $25

Did you spill milk or gunk buildup inside your refrigerator or freezer? Select this extra to have the inside of your fridge and freezer cleaned. We will remove items in your fridge/freezer to accomplish this, so it is preferred to mitigate your items in this location to make it easier and more efficient.

Inside the Oven: + $25

We hate opening our oven door to find something else is cooking along with our Turkey at the bottom of the oven. With this extra, we clean the inside of your oven and ensure it won’t smoke every time you cook with it!

Clean the Walls: + $5 Each

Have gunk, cobwebs, or the “I don’t know what that stain is” on your wall? For $5, we will clean that wall. When booking, please specify the wall in case you are not home.

One Load of Laundry: + $10

Need a load of laundry done? We will do one load, where we put in the washer for you (using your detergent) and then the dryer. When you get home, you will have a clean and dry load of laundry waiting for you!

Inside Windows: + $50

Do your interior windows have little hand or paws prints? Are they dirty? Do they have a layer of dust or grime that blocks the sun? Well look no further, add inside windows as an extra to your cleaning and we will make sure the sun shines through again!

Load Dishwasher: + $10

Dishes piling up during the week? Add this service to have those dishes disappear and loaded in the dishwasher for you so you can see your countertops once more!

Move In / Move Out: + $175

We know the hassle of moving! You want to make sure the house or apartment you’re moving into is clean or left clean when you leave. *house or apartment must be empty*


-Cleaning of Interior Oven
-Cleaning behind Oven
-Cleaning behind washer and dryer
-Cleaning of baseboards
-Walls cleaned
-Interior Windows cleaned
-Inside cabinets
-Inside refrigerator

Baseboards: + $50

Do your baseboards need a little touch up? Have they accumulated dust and dirt? Select this extra to get them the attention they need. This extra gets all your baseboards cleaned for one flat fee.

Inside Cabinets: + $50 (must be emptied)

Want the inside of your cabinets cleaned? Have spices, flour, etc. that have spilled? Select this extra to ensure your cabinets don’t become home for ants. *cabinets must be emptied*

Deep Clean: + $100


-Cleaning of Interior Oven
-Cleaning of baseboards
-Walls cleaned
-Interior Windows cleaned
-Inside microwave

*Unsatisfied with your cleaning? Please contact us within 5 days to receive a no-charge reclean*