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Home Cleaning while Deployed – Is it possible?

by Kitsap Cleaners - March 31, 2019

USS Klakring Arrival 5 300x178 - Home Cleaning while Deployed - Is it possible?

First, lets the answer the question. Yes, it’s possible to have your home cleaned while deployed. A trusted, dependable and reliable home cleaning service, *cough* Kitsap Cleaners *cough*, sorry had to cough, can assist you with your home cleaning needs while you’re deployed. Yes, that means when your home is vacant, they can come in and provide a bi-weekly, monthly or one time clean so when you return from an arduous deployment, you have a clean, and de-stressing environment to relax in. Also, like most active duty members, it might mean leaving your family. Your husband or wife is busy with work, kids, or having fun. Why not have the peace of mind of a clean home by hiring a cleaning company as a gift to them?

Kitsap Cleaners has been assisting service men and women during deployments and their families.

Military Background
Kitsap Cleaners is owned and operated by a military family. They understand the busy and unique lifestyle of service men and women and the stress associated with a deployment.

What Makes Kitsap Cleaners Best Suited For Military Families During Deployment?

Meticulous Work– Kitsap Cleaners understand the nature of military work. After all, the company is owned and operated by a military family. This means that we understand your challenges, fears and expectations. They pay attention to the details to ensure you a clean and happy home• Speed– Deployment comes with short notices and unpredictable moves. You want to move in or out as soon as possible. We will be ready to assist your family with cleaning in a flash. In fact, we have installed a 24hr customer service line allowing you to reach them anytime, day or night. You may also send an email or chat with a cleaner. This enables them to respond quickly.
Shared Experience– During your home cleaning, you want a cleaner and company who understands your situation. This includes the sentimental value of your personal items and areas of your home.
Reasonable Pricing– We provide the best rates and highest quality cleaning services.

A home cleaning service during your deployment should be worry and hassle free. Allow a cleaning company with experience in a military environment to stand by your family. With affordable rates, and superb quality service, you will have the peace of mind knowing your home and family is safe and clean during deployment.