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Are you hiding in bed because your home is messy?

by Kitsap Cleaners - February 26, 2019

bedspread cleaning 300x200 - Are you hiding in bed because your home is messy?

Are you hiding in your bed to avoid cleaning?

Having a clean house is a blessing! However, if you are someone who has an eight to five job, you might not always have the time or desire to do so. It might get to the point where you plan to spend a Saturday (one of your only days off) and clean every nook and cranny of your house. You might look for solutions online but not every home cleaning service is affordable.
Well, I have a solution to your problems! That solution is called Kitsap Cleaners. We are the friendliest, and most affordable cleaning service in Kitsap County. Our home cleaning services are green certified and guess what? We don’t charge you extra for cleaning products that are 100% natural, organic, non-toxic and eco-friendly because we believe all cleaning services should only provide cleaning solutions that are safe for your kids, pets and family!

1) Seasonal cleaning:

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are known for rain, and rain, and even more rain. This keeps people indoors in the fall and winter, allowing an accumulation of dust and cobwebs to grow. Yes, even spiders don’t like to be wet and cold and enjoy the warmth of your home! Well guess what? Spring is right around the corner and that means you want to “spring” free (get it, spring). You don’t want to have to worry about cleaning your home on the weekdays or the weekends to enjoy the sun! You want to run frivolously through the woods, your backyard, up mountains, and through streams.

Kitsap Cleaners home cleaning services allow you to do just that!

2) Trained workers:

The Cleaning Professionals of our Company are extremely experienced and proficient in all cleaning services. They are vetted through a stringent process and most are Veterans and Military Wives. This guarantees you that our professional cleaning company sends only a highly trained team of cleaners to give you a clean and happy home.

3) The best possible services:

You no longer have to worry about your dirty staircase or what color the tiles use to be in your bathroom. Our professional cleaning company ensures those tiles are the color they once were (they are white, just so you know). Also, we provide additional services such as loads of laundry, cleaning the inside of your windows, cleaning the baseboards, etc. You won’t find more reliable cleaning services because we back all our cleaning services 100% and you won’t pay until you’re satisfied! So what are you waiting for? Get out of that bed and give us a call!