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Pet Owners and House Cleaners: We Were “Maid” for Each Other

by Kitsap Cleaners - January 10, 2019

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As anyone with an animal can attest, pets are often one of the happiest—and messiest—family members in the house. Aside from the satisfaction of giving a homeless animal a place to live, having pets also gives us plenty of reasons to open our hearts, our doors, and…our cleaning cabinets.
Pet owners have a special set of problems when it comes to house cleaning. There’s the hair, the stains, the accidents, the hair, the footprints, and the hair. Staying on top of it is crucial and that’s why so many people with pets hire a cleaning service.

Why Choose Kitsap Cleaners When You Own a Pet?

Cleaning houses with pets is a bit of a specialty for our cleaning teams. We exclusively use Better Life Cleaning Products that are not only safe for you and your family, but also the animals you share your home with.

  • Our vacuums are designed for pets specifically in mind we use HEPA filtration, which can remove up to 99 percent of allergens and pet dander (along with pollen and bacteria).
  • Our cleaning teams clean under beds, where clumps of pet hair like to accumulate.
  • Kitsap Cleaners only uses eco-friendly products that are environmentally friendly to clean, so you can trust that we’re using pet-safe cleaning products.
  • We dust thoroughly to get rid of all that dirt and dust they bring in with their paws.
  • Our teams also hand scrub hard floors, disinfect toilets, make beds and wipe down kitchen cabinets.

Go ahead and enjoy more time at the dog park. We’ll take care of your home while you’re out, so you can return to a sparkling clean home that both you and Boomer will appreciate.

How Often Should You Clean Your House When You Own Pets?

Some pet owners use Kitsap Cleaners on a weekly or bi-monthly basis, so that pet hair and messes never get too out of control. We know that removing pet odor and removing pet urine stains are important to the health of your home. No matter how you look at it, having a pet-friendly cleaning service can vastly improve the quality of your life and the quality of your relationship with the animals you share it with.

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Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, owning a pet can make your home messy and it’s not just you who’s affected. Think of all your guests who don’t want to sit on couches full of pet hair or see dirty paw marks all over the kitchen floors. Don’t worry! If you’d rather spend your free time with your pet instead with a mop and broom. Count on Kitsap Cleaners to get your home in pristine shape every time. Book today on we’re standing by and ready to get your home clean!